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We aim to create a space that’s empowering, informative and completely non-judgmental. We’re providing a service that too often people don’t associate with healthcare. Now moms can get the assistance and advice they need without leaving the convenience of their home or office.



As a Harvard-trained pediatrician with extensive knowledge in newborn medicine and particularly breastfeeding support, Sylvia thought she was set to take on motherhood as well as any mom could. But with the birth of each one of her babies, Ari and Sebastian, she struggled with a low milk supply and as a result, the newborn’s weights dropped. After enlisting help from her close network of knowledgeable family, friends and fellow pediatric medical colleagues, Sylvia was able to tackle her breastfeeding challenges head on.

Understanding how powerless moms can feel when faced with questions or issues around how best to meet their baby’s, and their own, needs, Sylvia wondered where other moms found support, especially outside of typical office hours.

She didn’t find a sufficient answer, and so, MilkOnTapTM was born.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Sylvia graduated from the Harvard-affiliated Pediatrics residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Harvard University School of Public Health with a Master of Public Health (MPH) and before that, from the University of Arizona, College of Medicine as an MD. She is married, has two children and currently resides in Cambridge, MA.

With passions firmly rooted in social and humanitarian causes, Sylvia brings her heart and soul to MilkOnTap to encourage, inspire and empower her fellow moms.

Jay Tolla, Co-Founder & CTO


As Co-Founder of MilkOnTapTM, Jay brings his passion for social causes to the team where he heads up technical strategy and product development. Along with Sylvia Romm MD, Jay helps connect a global network of Board Certified Lactation Consultants, using his expertise as a software developer and marketing technologist to bring telehealth services to moms around the world.

After deciding to leave a planned career in law to follow his heart into programming and community-based work, Jay co-founded Karma Connect in 2014 – an organization that promotes corporate social responsibility. He also built a web application where teachers could share resources for free, with the goal of facilitating collaboration for his wife and her fellow teaching community.

With this entrepreneurial focus, Jay happened to meet Sylvia at an industry event and it was business at first sight. The two found they had complimentary skills to build MilkOnTapTM and a shared vision of what the organization could be.

Jay is married, has a dog named Toby, four chickens and lives in Central Massachusetts.


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