• Since I work during the week, I get up early to pump since I can get the most in a pump session that way. During the week, from the time I end pumping and start to nurse it is 45 min to an hour, but on weekends I try to get some extra sleep for myself, it may only be 20 min between pumping and nursing. Is my son getting enough milk when it is such…[Read more]

  • Thank you! I appreciate the advice and help!

  • Hi Sonya,

    Thanks for your response. And I totally get what you are saying about him become a more efficient Nurser sometimes i feel this, it’s like he has a straw, but other times after these short sessions, my breast still feels very full… And lot of times, I’ll give him a minute or two to look around and try again and then he will latch back…[Read more]

  • My 8 month old son is getting distracted / refusing to nurse at times… distracted my people, the dog, the phone on the night stand, my water bottle or any noise he hears… He used to nurse every 2 hrs for 20 – 40 min… but lately he will go longer between nursing sessions and only wants to nurse for 5 min and sometimes not at all even when it ha…[Read more]

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