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    Mommy question: I had my son three weeks ago and I’m also breastfeeding. About four days ago i started having intense pain in my breast. Finally he has a weight check, so when the doc came in I asked about a little white chin and about my breast. The doc said we both had a yeast infection. I’m wondering if anyone has ever went through this, and has some advice. I’m in so much pain, I can barley pump and nurse. Thank you.

     Sonya Myles 

    I have just put in an article on thrush for review, but am happy to send a private message to this mom to help her.


    Thrush can be very painful. There are several over the counter vaginal yeast meds that seem to help – pretty quickly too. After a feed wash your nipples with a vinegar/water mixture (1c water and 1Tbs vinegar). Then put the anti-fungal cream on sparingly after each feed. Keeping the area dry will help as well. During this time discontinue use of breast pads and discontinue the use of ointments such as lanolin as they keep too much moisture next to the skin.
    Using probiotics may help balance the gut again. Because it is so painful mom might try frequent, short feeds. It does get better.


    There is also a great presciption you can ask your OB to call into a compounding pharmacy. It’s called Jack Newmans all purpose nipple ointment. You can use it 3-4 times a day, only gently dabbing it off before feeding. You can make it on your own if unable to get a prescription. It’s basically a mix of triple antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream and myconisol cream. Just a small amount of each mixed together can be put on nipples after feedings. Air drying is very important so change breast pads frequently or just let them air out as much as possible.

    Also it’s crucial to have baby treated for thrush also as You and baby will continue transferring it back and forth. Often times, the pediatrician will prescribe a nystatin oral solution and a nystatin diaper cream. Make sure to really wash all pacifiers, bottles, toys that are being chewed on, and all pump parts often and sterilize once a day.

    It should resolve but may take as long as 2 weeks, so be vigilant and persistent With treatment. Yeast can be very stubborn! If it’s still not cleared after this, contact your OB for a possibly internal medication, such as diflucan.

     Sonya Myles 

    Be careful of the all purpose nipple ointment (APNO) though, it does contain a steroid which should only be used very sparingly, never for longer than two weeks, in the smallest amount possible that is still effective, and it can delay wound healing – so be even more cautious if you have open wounds on your nipples. Like all prescriptions, a proper assessment by a skilled health care provider (HCP) should be a part of getting the prescription. If you are still battling thrush after a week, the best advise is to get in-depth treatment options from an IBCLC or skilled HCP

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