Weaning from the Pump

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    My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere on the site and I’ve missed it, but my son is almost 10.5 months old and I’d like to start thinking about weaning from the pump. I went back to work at 12 weeks and I’m happy to have been able to continue exclusive breast feeding, between nursing when he’s with me and bottle feedings of expressed milk when I’m at work. I have a nice stash of frozen breastmilk in my freezer and I know part of this is just a matter of calculating what volume is in my stockpile and comparing that to how much he needs for bottles when I’m away. A few weeks ago, I dropped a pumping session at work and that doesn’t seem to have affected his nursing or my ability to still stash away some expressed milk. My goal is to continue exclusive breast feeding until a year and then still continue nursing (say, at bedtime) until he and I both decide we’re ready to fully wean. My question/concern is this: how do I make sure I continue to have enough milk for him, both during the days when I’m at work (from the stockpile) until the end of August when he’s a year old at AND for nursing on days when we’re together (weekends, days off) without relying on the pump at work to stimulate my supply? Thank you so much in advance!


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