Support For Breastfeeding 18 mos. Old Through the Night

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     Vanessa Prinz 

    Hello fellow LCs! Thought it would be good to get some action going on the forum! Would love to get your input on a case from a call I just received from the mom of an 18-month old breastfeeding baby.

    The mom is going through a divorce and comfort feeds her baby through the night. Her ex-husband to be disagrees that the baby needs breastmilk through the night. She is looking for support that will hold up in court for why she should continue with the nighttime feeding/why it benefits her son. She is okay with the father having visitation during the daytime but does want him to do overnights as long as she is breastfeeding.

    Breastfeeding benefits obviously extend beyond the first year (she could source AAP, WHO, etc.) but does anyone know of any additional good resources for her to support her case? She is looking for something written. My colleague mentioned there was something about this on Lactnet recently so I’ll check there too but would love to get your thoughts.

    Thanks for your help!
    Vanessa Prinz
    Lactation Specialist/ IBCLC Candidate 2015
    Chicago, IL


    From what I understand, courts do not look kindly when breastfeeding is brought up as part of the argument to deny one partner overnights. Bringing evidence about normal childhood development and attachment to the primary caregiver can sometimes go farther.

     Vanessa Prinz 

    Thanks for your input, Tania! That makes sense and the resource you provided a link for is very helpful.

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