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     Rachel Lynn Lanham 

    I am getting ready to go back to work soon and practicing pumping, I am not producing much from the right side when I pump, but plenty from the left, how can I increase production on the right side? Thanks in advance.

     Sonya Myles 

    Learning to let down milk for a pump is a learned response. It sounds so easy, just hook up the pump and away you go, but your body works hard to make that milk, and a pump is not nearly as dear to your heart as your little one. Some moms take a while to learn to let down to the pump. The first key ingredient is patience with your body. I can remember the first month I pumped, I got out 1 teaspoon per pumping. I kept at it, and a month later I was up to 2 ounces 🙂

    You can try doing some breast massage, in circular motions around your breast, also stroke the tissue from the base of your breast towards the nipples, lean over and give the girls a shake and try some reverse pressure softening (RPS) to stimulate the nerves at the base of the nipple that help control the milk ejection reflex (MER). Some mothers find using some warmth prior to pumping works well (if using a wet heat source, make sure to dry well after removing it, if still wet, evaporation will occur, causing cooling which is counterproductive to the process.)

    Try these links for some more information:
    yep, it is about engorgement which is not your question, but the RPS technique is well detailed and will help stimulate an MER or letdown.

    A great video on hands on pumping

    La Leche has this great advice:

    Lowmilksupply.org may also have some useful information

    In the end, your right may never match your left in production. Your breasts may be different sizes while you are continuing to pump, but rest assured, after weaning, once your body has had time to build up fat stores in the breast tissue again, your breasts will be back to pre-pregnancy size and shape.

    Hope that helps,

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