Pumping before nursing

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    Since I work during the week, I get up early to pump since I can get the most in a pump session that way. During the week, from the time I end pumping and start to nurse it is 45 min to an hour, but on weekends I try to get some extra sleep for myself, it may only be 20 min between pumping and nursing. Is my son getting enough milk when it is such a short time between pumping?

     Sonya Myles 

    Breasts are continuously making milk, and the more demand there is, the more supply there will be. Probably the first few times you did this, your son may have taken in a little less milk, but after a few days on the new routine, your breasts would have increased milk production at that time of day to account for the higher demand. Unless your son starts to show signs of not getting enough milk, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Think about mothers with twins or triplets who breastfeed, more demand = more supply, and your amazing body will simply make more milk.

    Hope that helps,

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