Period and breastfeeding

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    So I am EBF and got my period when my daughter was 2 months old… Dr said it might be my hormones balancing and I might not get it again.. Well surprise it’s back a month later!! I wouldn’t care but my milk supply dips so low and I get so frustrated because I supply just enough for my girl usually and during my period I can’t keep up…does anyone else go through this and what do you do when your supply is so low? I get so sad especially bc I don’t over produce to begin with ? My daughter is so good but I can tell she is hungry

     Sylvia Romm 

    Hi Katie! Is your baby gaining weight normally? Women can get their periods back after a couple months normally, but get them back faster if:

    Your baby is sleeping for more than four hours at a time during the day, or is sleeping for more than six hours at a time at night.
    Your baby has begun to eat solid foods.
    You are supplementing some breastfeeds with formula milk or water.
    Your baby uses a pacifier.
    Your baby is feeding less often during the day, and for less time at each feed.

    You can try feeding your baby more often to see if that helps. But if she’s not gaining weight well, you should definitely talk to your pediatrician!


    Hi Sylvia!!

    Thank you for responding!! Yes she sleeps 8hrs nurses and sleeps a couple more which is great! I just feel like the first couple of days I get my period a few feelings are very stressful bc she gets so frustrated with the flow and amount I feed her. She just had her 2 month checkup and weighed 12lbs and was born st 7lbs 6… And the dr said she looked great so I shouldn’t be too concerned.. I guess I am just concerned when she had a tough feed and cries like she isn’t getting enough..


    Hi Katie a dip in supply is normal around your cycle. It’s actually do to a low amount of calcium in your system. To help combat this you will want to take a calcium/magnesium supplement around ovulation. If you don’t know when you ovulate then take the supplement everyday. This will help combat the dip and help with any PMS symptoms. I hope this helps congrats on 2 months!
    This link should help

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