Odd poop patterns

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     Tiffany Dickerson 

    My 4 1/2 month old is exclusively breastfed. She stopped having regular bowel movements 2 weeks ago. After 1 week of not pooping, I gave 1/2 glycerin suppository. When she finally pooped it had chunks of hair in it. So I took her to ER and they did an x-Ray which didn’t show anything. She still has not pooped without help. The last suppository didn’t produce much except pieces of leafy like pieces. I really don’t understand how she is not pooping bc since birth she has been like clockwork with the dirty diapers. What else could it be? Worried there is a blockage they aren’t seeing with an X-ray. Anyone have any ideas? Exclusively breastfed babies shouldn’t have poop issues.

     Sonya Myles 

    I guess my first question would be about what she can possibly be getting into her mouth. Babies at this age are starting to be a bit more mobile and anything they can get their hands on goes in their mouth. Could she be in an area where she can be ingesting some harder to digest items, such as leaves and hair? Perhaps a brave pet who loves her and gets close enough for her to grab a fistful of hair?

    I would be reluctant to use too many suppositories. One of the problems with always using medication to trigger bowel movements is that the bowel can become lazy and stop functioning on its own. When she isn’t pooping, does it bother her? Is her abdomen hard, distended and tender to touch, or is she a happy non pooping baby? Signs of blockage are a very unhappy baby, red distended abdomen that is tender to the touch, and may even feel warm. She may also have a fever. Babies with a blockage are not happy, but can also go from being fine to being not fine quickly, so if any of those signs present, I would head to the nearest ER to make sure everything is in order.

    How many times a day does she eat? Have you tried infant massage for her? Sometimes massaging baby’s belly gently in a clockwise direction can help stimulate a bowel movement. You could also try bicycling her legs. A warm bath may also help. Breastfed babies have been known to go a long time without pooping, breastmilk is completely bio-available, so she could just be using it all up for growth and there is no waste at the moment. Has she been gaining well? I think the longest I have heard was 21 days without a poop, and baby was fine. Look for signs of illness and abdominal discomfort to go along with no pooping and see how things go.

    Hope that helps,

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