Nursing toddler and solid foods

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     Heidi Nowalany 

    The post below is borrowed from Breastfeed Chicago! to generate some discussion on our forum. Moms and/or LCs, please share your thoughts!

    “Hi sister mamas! Help me out with thoughts and experiences on this: my 18 month old daughter (who still nurses many times throughout the day and night) is suddenly eating very little solid food lately (she’s normally a very good and adventurous eater) and wanting to mostly only nurse. This is like the past week or more. Some people say that “she needs to be eating more and more solid food at this age” but my gut tells me it’s ok to take her lead on what she wants/needs (and what can I do anyway, force feed her solid good? Nonsense!)…and yet I find myself wondering if what we’re doing is “ok.” Haven’t asked ped yet…value your thoughts more! Thanks in advance!”


    Sounds like maybe she is experiencing something else that is bothering her with eating solids and nursing seems to be comforting her. Has she been sick recently? How about teething, especially molars?any changes in her usual routine? If she has been doing well with solids and is acting herself,let it beans just keep nursing her to keep her hydrated. Offer soft foods and try new ideas such as new spoons,having a picnic outside or even anew sippy. Your milk should Provide she with enough temporarily and hopefully she rebounds quickly!

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