Natural Breastfeeding by Nancy Mohrbacher

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    There have been quite a few shares of this article about Natural Breastfeeding by IBCLC Nancy Mohrbacher. I suggested that a mother read it the other day and she said that she found it very helpful. Do you suggest natural breastfeeding to your moms? Enjoy!

    “In Natural Breastfeeding positions, baby rests tummy down on mother’s body, ensuring the full frontal contact that activates his GPS. Baby’s weight pushes the pressure buttons on his front, which improves his coordination for easier feeding. Natural Breastfeeding makes it possible for babies to be the active breastfeeding partners that nature intended. But it’s not just good for babies. Mothers can relax completely and rest while baby feeds, often with both hands free. And gravity helps baby take the breast deeply, so there’s no need to micromanage baby’s latch.”

     Sonya Myles 

    I first heard Suzanne Colson talk about this way of feeding a baby many years ago. I can remember at the time thinking she was out to lunch 🙂 In my few years of working as a lactation consultant I was well aware that babies had no strength and needed to be brought to the breast, and expecting a newborn to latch in a biological nurturing position was just crazy. Fast forward a year, and there was Suzanne again, still saying that this was not only a great position, but that it triggered better breastfeeding behaviour in our newborns. I can remember thinking that if after a year she is still this convinced about this position, I owe it to the mothers and babies I work with to at least try it. I have to admit, I was blown away. Babies did exactly what she had said they would do. Mom’s felt more comfortable and more in control and I was far more effective, but doing less work. These days I very rarely use any other position. The only time I find I need to use a cross cradle position for a dyad is when mom is so stressed over breastfeeding that she can’t trust her baby to get a good latch. Once baby has latched in a cross cradle, I get her to switch up into this position. I would say that maybe 1 mom out of 100 doesn’t like the biological position better. As an aside, I have even used this position successfully for late preterm babies, and the occasional younger prem baby who is one of those keen feeders.

    I had the pleasure of hearing Suzanne speak on this topic at a conference in Toronto one year, and I did stay behind after to tell her my story, she laughed at the whole “out to lunch” thought! 🙂

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