Mommy question: latching and pulling away

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    My son is 12 weeks old. Just this last week he latches and pulls away and latches and pulls away. He does that to both breasts. I thought it could be when he is overstimulated or distracted but it’s not like he looks around and observes. He seems SO eager to latch on when I “assume the position” (hahaha) and lay him on his side to feed. But then he’ll latch earnestly, then turn his head ripping his mouth off and taking my nipple with him. He does this like 4-6 times before I either cut him off and we no longer will feed, or he settles in. What is this and why the sudden change in one day? Also I feed on demand. We don’t do schedules, it’s like my boobs tell me when he’s hungry and then just like that he does too. I go back to work in two weeks and I’m afraid that’ll cause issues cuz I will have to pump and I’m afraid my supply will be affected. Can I solicit some advice?

     Sonya Myles 

    This is a tough one. It could be that he has just discovered this new game that he plays, maybe he likes that pop as the nipple gets pulled out of his mouth, then when he is tired of the game, he settles down to feed.

    It could be that your letdown at the start of the feed is a bit too fast for him, you could try hand expressing through the first let down (always the strongest) and then latching him and seeing what he does

    It could be that your letdown isn’t fast enough for him and so he is trying to encourage a faster letdown with this behaviour. You could try some breast massage and just a bit of hand expression to start milk flow before latching him.

    Also, try a more laid back position, so rather than having him on his side to feed, try having him lying on his tummy, with you more reclined, so that gravity helps pull him in and helps keep him there, that way he can rest his whole body including head on your body. If you look at Suzanne Colsons website, you will see what I mean by full body support:

    Play around with those ideas and see how it goes, and if it turns out that this is a game, post again so we can discuss options of how to persuade him games need to be fun for all participants!

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