Less night nursing ruining day supply

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     Savannah Valdez 

    Sorry for long question hoping someone can help …
    I have always had a great supply .. I was able to pump freeze extra and supply enough for 5 month old .. Recently he is sleeping longer stretches sometimes they the night … I was getting up still pumping every couple hours … But decided to stop to actually get some sleep if he’s sleeping .. Sounded like a good idea .. Now my supply is getting really low I don’t feel I’m making enough to even satisfy him as if I pump in only getting oz or so and he is waking in night for feeding again … Do I need to just start waking every couple hours to pump ???what do I do ???


    Anything else changed other than not night nursing? Started your period? Started mini-pill birth control? If it’s just the night nursing, the pumping should get you back up to par. It can be a little more tricky if there are other factors.

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