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    Hello Amazing Lactations Consultants who have joined MOT here at the outset!

    I would love to hear about each of you and what has made you interested in being an IBCLC as well as why you’re looking into telemedicine.

    About me: I’m a pediatrician and mother of 2 breastfed kids. I’m interested in women’s empowerment: through both empowering women to feel like the wonderful and competent mothers that they are, as well as empowering Lactation Consultants to make the career choices that fit their lives. I am excited that telemedicine makes lactation support more affordable and accessible to mothers, while also allowing lactation consultants to make their work scedule fit into their lives. My goal is to make MilkOnTap a win-win for all parties involved.

    What’s your story?

     Sonya Myles 

    My name is Sonya and I first became interested in breastfeeding after the birth of my son. I can remember sitting in hospital asking for help and not getting any, with tears, blood and colostrum streaming, thinking there has to be a better way. My ex-husband suggested formula and every cell in my body reacted in such a primal way, that wasn’t an option for me, I HAD to make this work. And so I headed to the breastfeeding clinic, babe in arms and stood waiting in the doorway. They were busy that day with booked appointments, walk in clients, you couldn’t see floor space for people. They suggested I go back to my bed and ask the nurse for help. Since I had already tried that, I simply said I was happy to wait until they had a moment. It took a few hours until a spot opened up and I got some help. I returned many times to the clinic for additional help, and knowing there was someone I could turn to for help is what kept me going. I fell in love with breastfeeding because of my babies, they loved breastfeeding, and I loved that they loved it. Once they were older (3 and 5 yrs) and I was looking at returning to work, I knew that I wanted to help other mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. And so the journey to become an IBCLC started. I have now been working in the field for almost 10 years, I rewrite early next year for my 10 year anniversary. I have worked, studied and done research in human lactation. I am excited to be a part of MilkOnTap because I see this as another way to reach mothers who need help when they need help. If all breastfeeding challenges occurred during office hours and knowledgeable staff were always at hand to help, well… there would be rainbows and unicorns around every corner. In the real world challenges arise at any time of day, and having a great resource available to mothers when they need help is a wonderful thing, I am excited to be a part of it!


    Hello Milk On Tap! I live in Denver, Colorado USA and have been a private practice IBCLC since 2011, a La Leche League Leader since 2007, Area Professional Liaison for LLL of CO/WY since 2010, Professional Liaison Support for the LLL US West  Area Network & USW Council Member since 2013, Chair of the Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition since 2015, and President of the Colorado Lactation Consultant Association since 2011.

    My lactation support philosophy is that all parents deserve empathy, empowerment, and to be respected as the experts on their own families. Those are the core ideas I bring to the services offered through Ancient Harmony Breastfeeding Services, which include in-home individual consultations, classes, and group support sessions.

    Sara Dale-Bley


    Thanks, Sonya. Welcome to MilkOnTap! I look forward to seeing your contributions to the site!


    Thanks, Sara! I’m so happy to see you on MilkOnTap! Please take a look around and let us know what you think!

     Vanessa Prinz 

    What made me interested in becoming an IBCLC? I worked for 10 years in marketing for consumer packaged goods (McDonald’s, Kraft Foods, Pepsico.) I loved what I did but when my son was born 6-1/2 years ago, I just wasn’t ready to go back full time and there wasn’t a flexible working option for me so I resigned to stay at home with him. I missed working but knew I needed to re-invent myself. I wanted to do something meaningful (more meaningful than selling more Happy Meals or Kraft Macaroni & Cheese!) and something I was passionate about. I have always been OBSESSED with babies…and grew up hearing from my mom the reason my sisters and I were so smart was that she breastfed us… or the reason a boy at school was a jerk was because he wasn’t breastfed as a child. (Not sure if I’ve ever found the research to back that one up 🙂 ) Nevertheless, I knew breastfeeding was good- and I loved breastfeeding my son and helping friends with breastfeeding. I decided to pursue lactation consulting and loved the idea of someday having my own practice. Five years and almost four babies later, I am finally ready to sit for the IBLCE board exam this July, 10 days before baby #4 is due!

    Why am I looking into telemedicine? I have worked for a lactation consulting private practice for the past three years. We get calls 24/7 from moms who need help but we obviously don’t have the resources to immediately address every need. I love that telemedicine can meet this need for moms to get immediate help. While I don’t think telemedicine can (nor is attempting to) replace the hands-on consult, I do think there’s a lot that can be addressed in even just in a phone call… and video opens up the options that much more. And, as a LC, I love the idea of being able to supplement my hours with work I can do from home with flexible hours and no commute! I agree with Sylvia that it’s a win-win!


    I am from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I have 3 kids 13, 11, 3. I have been an LLLC leader since 2007 and an IBCLC in private practice since 2010. I started getting involved in the lactation world when my second son was a baby. I had a really easy time breastfeeding my first 2 kids and wanted to give back to the community so that other mothers could enjoy breastfeeding as much as I did. I am a scientist by day working in swine nutrition, so the more I read about lactation, the more I wanted to know about the science behind it. This sent me on the journey to become an IBCLC. I see clients on evenings and weekends, while balancing my families needs and a full time job. I have a special interest in tethered oral tissues and their impact on breastfeeding (all 3 of my kids were tied and had various issues related to breastfeeding and oral structure related to tongue and lip ties).

    I was interested in the idea of Milk on Tap, but I am still feeling out how much I can be involved here. I am at a bit of a cross roads work wise and trying to decide how much I can follow my passion (breastfeeding support) vs working at what keeps food on my families table and a roof over our heads. I am interested to see how things develop here.


    I definitely think there needs to be more lactation resources out there with current and true information. So many moms want to breastfeed and I think many quit due to lack of help or correct information. Plus I believe more and more families are jumping on board breastfeeding or even pumping, which is putting breastfeeding on the upswing again. We need to meet the demand and what better way than through technology. Almost everyone has access to the Internet and many of us can access it anytime anywhere. I think it’s a lot easier to address breastfeeding issues in the moment with the moms, sometimes even when she is sitting down to feed and had her phone right by her.

    I have been passionate about breastfeeding even before i had children. I have had lots of experience with it being a postpartum nurse for 9 years in a busy hospital with a high breastfeeding initiation rate. We also have a high risk OB office and a NICU. So I have seen lots of complicated cases. What I hope is that they stick with it once they get home. That’s where this comes in. Those that don’t have access to hands-on help, can still get Reliable help here.

    Sorry off track, :). I have been working in our free breastfeeding center for 2 years and obtained my IBCLC last summer. I have taught OB clinicals for nursing students at a local community college for years. I feel I have a knack for teaching others and I really enjoy it.

    I also have two beautiful children, who both gave me breastfeeding issues, but I was able to reach my goals of at least a year and beyond.

    I can enpathiZe with tired, frustrated parents. I can be calm while giving them a specific direction
    To meet their goals, changing when needed. I cannot wait to work with everyone and get to know different styles and information as we clllaborate.

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