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    Inspirational Post from LactNet today:

    Conversation between IBCLC and a mom of a 7 month old, who is pregnant now and due end of the year:

    Mom: breastfeeding did not go too well for me with my son, I only breastfed for a few weeks, but I want to try again with the new baby.
    IBCLC: Wonderful that you want to try again; let us know what concerns you have this time and if you need support.
    Mom: yeah, I wish I breastfed longer the first time.
    IBCLC: You know, when breastfeeding gets going, and if you find you have extra milk, you could give it to your older baby. It would be alright.
    Mom: I never thought about that.
    IBCLC: Sure, even past a year, breastmilk is healthy – for both babies. Its OK, really.
    Mom: I could do that. *smiles*.

    (From: Tina Lavy )

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