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    From a mother: I have been pumping for 5 months. My baby was on the NICU for 5 weeks. During that time I was able to beef up my stash to about 900 oz. I started back to work after 3 months and my supply has dropped to where I am only getting about 4 oz a day. I was getting 35oz a day. What do you suggest? We are on our last freezer bag and supplementing with formula.

     Sonya Myles 

    I guess the questions to ask is how often is mom pumping, has she tried any lactogenic foods and herbs, is she taking any prescription medication and does baby breastfeed at all. Unfortunately in a lot of these cases mom’s are advised by NICU staff to slow down pumping as they have more milk than they need, but the NICU staff may forget that babies grow and so do their breastmilk requirements and it’s pretty easy to work through even a big stash of milk if supply starts to dwindle. Probably the best advice in this situation would come from a consult, because a discussion can happen about the challenges mom is having and how she can work around them to increase her supply. A great resource to look into is

    Sorry, not much help, but not enough details in the question to be able to be super helpful. If mom would prefer, she can send me a personal message and we can communicate that way, but a consult would be the best option imo

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