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    Do you have a breastfeeding topic that you would like covered by a Lactation Consultant?

    Post your article requests here so that our IBCLCs know which topics *you* care about!

     Elvi Whiteford 

    Sylvia– you are goddess! What a great sight! Being in Colorado we have a lot more issues with marijuana and breastfeeding– any good articles?? The state is attempting to catch up with the legalization, and does have a state supported sight with some articles on BF and MJ, some pretty good pt handouts… but was hoping you might have more– Thanks again for this awesome sight! What a wonderful gift to breastfeeding moms!

     Ashlee Haslett 

    Breast care when breastfeeding! How do you avoid cracked nipples clogged ducts, etc.? One nurse told me to rub breast milk over my nipples after every nursing session and let them air dry. And I read somewhere to never use soap on your breasts while nursing, to avoid drying them out. Are these words of wisdom? Or something else? How long does one need to keep up regimens of this sort?



    First, cracked nipples need to figured out at the root cause. Most likely it is the cause of shallow latch. Working with someone to ensure you are getting the deepest best latch you can at each feed will heal and prevent these. using your own breast milk works wonders, along with air drying. using a triple antibiotic ointment also helps. Use a thin amount after the air drying. Before feeding or pumping again, use a warm wet washcloth to gently soak off the ointment. Once the cracks are healed, then resume using breast milk (it is always handy and with you) and air drying. Coconut oil is great to use as a moisturizer, I prefer ot over lanolin. Definitely don’t use soap to scrub your breasts and nipples, but mostly just the warm shower water. If you have large breasts, clean with soap underneath where the breasts may rub against your chest wall and dry well.

     Sonya Myles 

    Breast care can be as easy as doing what you normally do. If there are issues, then address them, but if there are no issues, then no special care is needed. Avoiding soap is mainly done for the first few days to try and keep mom’s natural scent for baby, but if you really feel you need to wash with some soap to feel clean, then use a small amount and try not to focus on your breasts.

    All mammals breastfeed, and yet we are the only one’s who do anything special with their nipples and are worried about nipple care. In the first few days and weeks as your breasts get used to their new job, sure, there may well be pain, tenderness, bruising and damage which needs to be addressed, but once you are over those hurdles, your nipples need about as much attention as your knees when it comes to additional care. (That is to say, none – Nice and easy :))

     Sonya Myles 

    This is a great topic idea, and one that more than one of us may want to tackle, so we can look at combining ideas, thoughts and research to ensure we are giving the most accurate information we have on hand at this time.


    Could someone write an article about thrush? Thanks!


    Hi! There are a lot of questions about having a forceful letdown on the Facebook page. Anyone want to take a stab at writing an article?



    Sylvia – I just submitted an article on forceful letdown. if the photo isn’t appropriate (nipple view), there was another I was contemplating, so let me know.

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