Breast pain

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     Sheryl Lynne Von Sprecken 

    My LO is 7 weeks old, I have breastfed the whole 7 weeks, I am experiencing breast pain in both breasts. It almost feels like an engorgement pain. It happens all the time, like I just fed her and am feeling the pain already, it is like a throbbing pain. It doesn’t necessarily hurt all the time as much as it is annoying. I don’t feel any hardening or lumps. What could it be and what relief can I do?


    This sounds like ductal refill pain. You can try a cold or a warm compress to see which feels best and helps. This does seem to get better with time!

     Sonya Myles 

    Is this pain new or has it been there the whole time? Is your baby feeding more frequently or has anything else changed with feeding her. It could be a few things, but most probably it’s just that your breasts have been working hard over the last 7 weeks and the tissue needs some TLC. I would recommend an anti inflammatory such as advil and some cold compresses. If things continue to stay painful, perhaps scheduling a consult would be the best option?


    I agree, this sounds like refill pain that will subside over time. The pain can occur right after feeds as your breasts begin to refill and during letdown when your milk is traveling through the ducts at a high force. In time it should subside. If you experience a headache, fever, bodyaches, chills with breast pain, this is most likely mastitis (a breast infection).


    do you have pain in the breasts or does it radiate from the nipples? any kind of shooting or burning pain? just thinking of ruling out yeast…

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