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     Cathy Marie 

    My son is in NICU and I’ve been pumping everyday since Sept 3. He is suppose to be coming home Tuesday or Wednesday and I was wondering if he would be any help in increasing my supply. Also how do I increase my milk supply ?

     Sonya Myles 

    Congratulations on the birth of your son. You must be so happy to have him almost home!

    Yes, he can help increase your supply. Part of it will be somewhat easy, some parts will take more work on both your parts.

    Do as much skin to skin as you can, this will help your milk making hormone levels increase and you will find you are able to increase supply that way. Are you planning on breastfeeding at all, certainly having him breastfeed will also help increase hormone levels. What pump are you using, some pumps are more efficient than others, and that can affect supply as well.

    There are different foods and herbs that can help. Fenugreek and blessed thistle have been used for centuries in parts of the world to increase milk supply. Some center’s don’t recommend their use in a premature population, how premature was your baby and when is his due date?

    Mobimotherhood has some great information on lactogenic foods, try this link: also has great recommendations on ways to increase supply, and it is well worth looking closely at some of their suggestions. Try this link:

    Hope you manage to find some ways to increase supply that work for your family,

    take care,

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