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     Brianna Batchelor 

    I have a 2 month old and about 5weeks after he was born I went on apri birth control pill. I feel like about 1-2 weeks after being on it that my milk supply seems like it’s gone down. For my own personal reasons the pill is the only birth control I feel comfortable being on. I do drink mothers milk tea, eat oatmeal, and drink lots of water. My baby is getting enough but I’m not able to really pump any extra. I didn’t know if there is anything else I can do or a better pill to be on? I do see my doctor in two weeks. Thank you



    Is there a reason you feel you need to make more milk than your baby takes in? If your baby is gaining weight appropriately that is the goal.


    While it is possible that your supply has gone down, it may also be that it is just adjusting to what baby needs. A good way to increase supply is to keep baby skin to skin as much as possible. During the day, after feeding the baby, pump. If you can only do some of those feeds, thats fine, but the more frequently (not how long), you pump or bring baby to breast, the more you are telling the body to increase supply. If baby is getting a bottle and you are with baby, put baby to breast instead, and if baby is using a paci and will go without try to for a few days and if possible put baby to breast instead. Usually, in about a week or so, you will see a good jump in your supply. Also, if baby is sleeping longer through the night, you can wake up and pump – or encourage baby to breastfeed. You can also try other herbal preparations – check for suggestions. I have found that skin to skin and frequent breast stimulation really help, regardless of birth control!

    The next thing to check is your pump – are there any cracks in the tubing or the flange? Is the membrane frayed? Was it used for another baby? Sometimes the motor is less strong after using it for another baby. Is your pump a good quality electric pump and are you double pumping? These both seem to help.

    Try hand expression, it can really help and often moms are able to express more milk. Sometimes pumping one side while the baby nurses on the other will help. Also massaging your breasts before pumping can be helpful.

    I hope one of these suggestions works for you!


    Birth control can affect milk supply, more in some than others. While birth control is important, try asking for a low estrogen pill. The ideas mentioned so far are great. Try these and you can also add herbal supplements, such as lactation blend or more milk plus.

    Also, keep an eye on babys growth for adequate intake and good outputs, specifically yellow poops. Give it time. Contact a lactation consultant if you continue to have concerns.

     Brianna Batchelor 

    Thank you for all the replies !


    Many women who have a bountiful milk supply can take the progesterone only mini pill and still maintain an adequate supply for their baby; however, a combination pill with estrogen and progesterone is highly likely to substantially decrease milk supply.

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