Baby vomiting after breast or EBM but accepting artificial formula

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     Heidi Nowalany 

    The post below is borrowed from LACTNET to generate some discussion on our forum. Moms and/or LCs, please share your thoughts!

    ‘I shall be seeing a mother who reports that her 2-week-old baby is vomiting
    after breastfeeding and after drinking EBM by bottle. She reports her baby
    keeps down and “likes” artificial formula by bottle. Obviously I haven’t
    seen them yet and so I haven’t observed the situation, and when I do I’ll
    be looking for factors related to what and why.
    In the meantime, I’d be grateful for some suggestions out of left field.
    It’s the vomiting of breastmillk (however it is given) and not after an
    artificial product that has me puzzled.’

     Sonya Myles 

    Things I would consider as to what the cause of vomiting would be some rare illness that leads to a baby’s inability to tolerate human milk. Things like galactosemia, or PKU. It might be neither of those, but I wonder if there is something going on that we don’t know about yet, and may only figure out in another 50 to 100 years. The vomiting may be protective, as the baby’s body recognizes an element in the breastmilk it may not be able to tolerate. In truth, reproduction only has to be good enough to ensure survival of the species. That includes feeding babies. 200 years ago this baby may not have lived. There is so much we don’t know or understand about the human body, it’s amazing we are such an arrogant species 🙂

    Some experts in the field may suggest looking at the mother’s GIT, and suggesting that if she has a “leaky gut” if she fixes that, then maybe the foods that irritated her baby wouldn’t pass through. Bacteriology, while an older science, is still pretty new when it comes to looking at how we need bacteria to stay healthy. It’s the other side of the coin, and while suggesting something a bit more mainstream like probiotics for her and baby might be helpful, I am not sure if it would be enough to fix a leaky gut, if that is what the cause is.

    But maybe mom’s GIT is fine and baby has some rare illness/disorder that leads to an inability to digest human milk properly or without pain. One we don’t know about. One we may never know about, because if babies do well on formula Dr’s tend not to look further. It’s all we know and until some researchers pick up the thread, may be all we ever know in our lifetime.

    The honest answer is we just don’t know enough about human digestion to know it all. I would suggest body work with a skilled osteopath, regardless of the issue, as if there has been bowel irritation, there is sure to be tension there that needs to be released, and an osteopath can work marvels here.

    Hard to comment further with so few details, but hopefully this mom was able to figure out some stuff with her LC. Any idea what the consult with the LC turned up?

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