Abrupt Change in Feeding Pattern

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    Hi fellow LCs, I pulled this topic from yesterday’s Lactnet post in hopes of getting some discussion going. Any thoughts to share?

    Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2015 15:48:04 +1200
    From: Jacquie Nutt
    Subject: Diabetic mother with sudden change in feeding pattern

    Hello All

    I saw a diabetic client (type 2) last Thursday who had fallen into the trap
    of adding formula supplements, to the extent of now offering 80 – 120 mls
    after each of the daily 7 feeds. She wanted to return to full
    breastfeeding, so we discussed a plan where she would add more breastfeeds
    and slowly wean from the formula over some days. Luckily the baby latches
    and suckles well.

    When I saw her the next day, she had breastfed religiously every 2 hours
    day and night, dropping the formula at once, to my horror. She said her
    breasts felt more full already – could that really have turned around so
    fast? The 6 week old baby seemed happy enough on the breast, and I will
    follow up his weight carefully (he was a bit borderline previously, despite
    getting 560 to 840 mls formula per day as well as breast milk of unknown
    volume). My hair just wants to stand up on end each time I think about it.

    While it’s great to have a mother so committed to turning things around, I
    also have a concern about her blood sugars. Is the sudden feeding and
    possible increase in supply going to play havoc with her blood sugars and
    metformin needs? I will see her again tomorrow, though she claims to have
    everything in hand by now and I fear she may renege on our appointment.
    Should I insist she sees her doctor to have her blood sugar levels checked?

    Jacquie Nutt IBCLC

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