Welcome to MilkOnTap, a company with a mission that is near and dear to my heart. As a Harvard-trained pediatrician and mother of two, I know how important feeding a child can be. I came into motherhood as well equipped as any woman could be. I had medical school and more than a year of specialty pediatrics training behind me, as well as a strong and knowledgeable support system. I went into both pregnancies determined to breastfeed for at least a year and figured that with the “right” birth and right supports, breastfeeding would be easy. However, I had low milk supply, and as my first baby’s weight dropped, I blamed my rigorous medical training schedule. I enlisted the help of anyone I knew who could help, from my family, to the many pediatricians I knew, as well as my midwife and the lactation consultants at her office. With much support, I was able to get her weight up to a normal level, and happily breastfed for 13 months.

With my second baby, I thought everything would be easier since I was no longer working such long hours. However, his weight dropped also, and my chubby 9 lb 2 oz newborn was barely 13 lbs by 4 months. Again, I’ve enlisted the help of doctors, midwives, and lactation consultants, and with breastfeeding, formula, and high calorie foods, my son is starting to gain weight normally. It’s been a difficult and stressful ride, even for someone with all the help she needs around her. I couldn’t help but wonder, every time I’ve reached out for help to my personal support system at odd hours of the day and night, how do other mothers manage?

The idea for 24/7 on demand live video consults with lactation concultants came to me late one night while I was on one of the Facebook pages for mothers that I follow (oh, how important reading facebook has become during my night time feeds!). Yet again a mother posted that she was having problems breastfeeding, and asked other mothers where she could go for help. Answers ranged from various websites, to calling the hospital, but none made me feel confident that this woman was going to get the help that she needed. I had recently started doing some hours for a telehealth company doing video consults as a pediatrician, and I realized that this video urgent care was what this mother really needed. The next day, the beginnings of MilkOnTap were born.

I am still in the early stages of establishing the company, however the response I’ve gotten from both mothers and IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) has been overwhelmingly supportive and positive.  For the mothers and doctors out there who are waiting for services to be up, know that I am working as fast as possible, and I appreciate your patience. For the IBCLCs who have already agreed to provide your invaluable services once the time comes, thank you and know that time will be SOON! Until then, I will use this blog to update progress as well as keep followers abreast (yes, pun definitely intended) of breastfeeding and other infant feeding related issues.



Sylvia Romm, MD, MPH, CLC

Have a visit with a Lactation Consultant from your mobile, tablet, or computer. Click HERE to begin!

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